Princesses Church
(Biserica Domnitelor)

Built in 1643 by prince Vasile Lupu. 

The church has played the role of chapel
for the Princely Court.

Iconostasis - a valuable piece made in wood - is dated in XVIII century AD. 
The pro-naos is separated by naos by two octonary pillars. 
The naos is arched in pure Moldavian style. The tower is supra-raised using a rectangular and a stellar base.




In the exterior decorations we can find the characteristics of the XVII century: 
1. Above the pedestal - a belt like saw teethes;
2. Blind arches

The  steeple, placed in North to West part of the church (and linked to this) has an basement with an unexplained functionality.

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Last modified: February 23, 2000